Mary Byrne nearly quit The X Factor

Mary Bryne

Mary Bryne singing on The X Factor

Pressure from the first live X Factor show and the fact she was missing her daughter made her long for home and want to return.

According to the Daily Star Sunday, “I started crying and I wanted to go home. The excitement had gone, the adrenalin was dropping and I was feeling over-tired.

“My daughter Debbie is afraid of flying so she couldn’t come over and I’ve been missing her something terrible. Some of the family came over at the weekend but I didn’t get much time with them.

“We were constantly on the go from Thursday until Sunday. We were rehearsing all the time. There’s a lot of down time as well, just sitting around. Our eating habits were all over the place. One day we’d have a good meal and the next we’d be living on sandwiches.”

The singer added that she only got to see her family for about five minutes, due to appearing on The Xtra Factor.

Hang in there Mary because we all love you and you bring joy to many people when you sing