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Mary Byrne Mine & Yours

Mary Bryne

Mary Bryne singing on The X Factor

Mary Byrne  Mine & Yours

Mary Byrne debut album Mine & Yours will be release next month.

Mary, who used to work in Tesco has had Nigel Write working on her LP and it will be release on the Sony Music label. Her album is due to be released in Ireland on March 25 and the UK on March 28.

“Recording this album was a dream come true. I’m so grateful for all of the support I received both during and after the show,” Byrne said. “Nothing I’m experiencing now would have been possible without the wonderful people who picked up their phone each weekend and voted for me! I hope you enjoy listening to the album as much as I enjoyed making it.”

Songs that Mary covered in her time on The X Factor will be on the album including her amazing performance of ‘This Is A Man’s World’

The full track listing of Mine & Yours is as follows:

1. ‘This Is A Mans World’
2. ‘I Just Call You Mine’
3. ‘Something’
4. ‘You’re My World’
5. ‘I Who Have Nothing’
6. ‘The Way We Were’
7. ‘Galileo’
8. ‘My Life’
9. ‘You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’
10. ‘All I Want Is You’
11. ‘Always On My Mind’
12. ‘Unbreakable’

Mary’s album is available from Amazon on the right

The X Factor tour begins this weekend in Birmingham and Mary will be pleasing her fans up and down the country

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Mary Byrne album

Mary Bryne

Mary Bryne singing on The X Factor

X Factor Mary who is from Ireland has quit her job at Tesco’s for the X Factor tour and is already planning her first record.

When interviewed by the Irish Independent about leaving Tesco, Mary said: “I had to ring them over the weekend and arrange to pop in for my P45. I’m actually quite scared about it because Tesco has been my safety net during the past six months.

“No matter what happened on X Factor, I always knew Tesco would take me back.”

Commenting about her debut album, Mary states “Nigel’s worked with Madonna on the film soundtrack for Evita. He’s done all the soundtrack albums for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals. But what most impressed me was he’s recorded Shirley Bassey who is my all-time hero.”

Mary is due to complete her album by the end of January. X Factor mentor Louis Walsh has chosen all the songs Mary will cover. Artists Mary is likely to cover include Shirley Bassey, Dusty Springfield and her amazing rendition of ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ by James Browns

“Louis has a great track record on picking songs, he will have the final word,” she said.

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There You’ll Be

Mary Bryne

Mary Bryne singing on The X Factor

Lovable Tesco worker Mary Byrne is insisting she is going to take the fight back on The X Factor.

Mary was disappointed and so where the judges with her version of ‘There You’ll Be’.

Mary is finding it really hard to be away from her family, especially on her birthday which was last week

“I miss my daughter so much and my family. That’s why it is so sad. I got real low,”

When asked about being the last confirmed contestant she stated

“I thought I was gone. Seriously I did. I’m just glad I’m here and I promise I will be back with a fight next week.

“I won’t be nervous, I won’t be lonely and I will be singing for the people at home and here in England.”

Louis Walsh was sticking up for Mary on the hit TV shows sister show The Xtra Factor, praising her saying she still has plenty more to give in the show

“She’s got everything: she’s likable; she’s a great singer; she’s got a great personality,” said Walsh. “She didn’t have a great week. But I think next week she’ll come back fighting. Mary is a fighter.”

Mary singing Could It Be Magic

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Mary Byrne nearly quit The X Factor

Mary Bryne

Mary Bryne singing on The X Factor

Pressure from the first live X Factor show and the fact she was missing her daughter made her long for home and want to return.

According to the Daily Star Sunday, “I started crying and I wanted to go home. The excitement had gone, the adrenalin was dropping and I was feeling over-tired.

“My daughter Debbie is afraid of flying so she couldn’t come over and I’ve been missing her something terrible. Some of the family came over at the weekend but I didn’t get much time with them.

“We were constantly on the go from Thursday until Sunday. We were rehearsing all the time. There’s a lot of down time as well, just sitting around. Our eating habits were all over the place. One day we’d have a good meal and the next we’d be living on sandwiches.”

The singer added that she only got to see her family for about five minutes, due to appearing on The Xtra Factor.

Hang in there Mary because we all love you and you bring joy to many people when you sing

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Mary Byrne bookmakers favourite to win

Mary Bryne

Mary Bryne singing on The X Factor

Mary Byrne is the new bookmakers favourite in this years X Factor

Mary who works by day in Tesco stunned audience and judges alike this weekend after her amazing performance of ‘I Who Have Nothing’ by Tom Jones. Bookies have tipped her for the top and given her odds of 6/1 ahead of previous favourite Gamu Nhengu who is 8/1

You can also bet on her appearing on Oprah Winfrey, hitting the number one spot in the US and selling more copies of her single than Subo

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Mary Byrne X Factor

Mary Bryne

Mary Bryne singing on The X Factor

Cheryl Cole was reduced to tears when Mary Byrne auditioned on The X Factor.

Irish Mary Byrne, who is 50 has already been labelled the new Susan Boyle after stunning audiences with her rendition of Tom Jones I Who Have Nothing

Mary who auditioned in Dublin sang to Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry

Later on Cheryl Cole who had been reduced to tears admitted that she was stunned by the “incredible power and emotion” of her performance.

and added “That was my favourite audition in Dublin.”

Mary is no stranger to singing in front of people and has done so for twenty years in pubs and clubs but she has always been to shy to audition on television until now

Simon Cowell went onto state “I think, no, I know, you have an amazing voice.I don’t know why you suffer from no confidence.”

Later on Cowell also said “I absolutely love her, she is genuinely a lovely woman with great talent and I hope the audience loves her too. She deserves this break.”

A friend of Mary also ‘She is over the moon. All she has wanted all her life is to realise her dream of being a singer. Entering the show has taken her that one step closer.’

‘She loves the show and always wanted to enter. She just felt that at 50, if she didn’t do it now she never would so off she went. The whole area is behind her. She’s such a great woman, we’ll all be cheering for her.’

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