Wagner Carrilho and Mary Byrne

Wagner Carrilho

Wagner Carrilho Mary Byrne romance

It would seem that romance is in the air between Wagner Carrilho and Mary Byrne.

Wagner the wildcard from Brazil who returned last week asked Mary out on a date and is reportedly “looking for love”

Reports from The Sun state that Wagner has cultivated a status on the series as a “ladies’ man”

“He and Mary have been getting on very well and have started flirting this week more and more, so he decided to ask her out,” said a source. “Mary’s first reaction was to laugh but she was very flattered.

“They don’t really have time to go on a proper date at the moment because of rehearsals and media commitments.”

On tonight’s show Simon Cowell even just asked the question if there dating

check out Wagner below – shame Simons question is missing form the clip